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I have been involved in numerous projects in the areas of competency modeling, job analysis, work design, recruiting, personnel selection, leadership development, work teams, compensation, and organizational surveys/assessment. In addition, I am Scientific Advisor to
HealthcareSource, the leading provider of talent management solutions for the
healthcare industry, working closing with the company on their behavioral
assessment solutions.

Please contact me for more details on how I can help develop a solution that fits your needs.

Clients have included

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​Consulting Services Offered
  • Job Analysis

  • Selection

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Performance Management

  • Staffing

  • Organizational Surveys

  • 360-Degree Feedback

 Example Projects


  • Developed and validated leadership competency model for senior leadership levels of large university.
  • Conducted validity analyses for entry-level selection test for airplane refueling company. Developed a set of optimal weights, cross-validated these weights, and created a scoring key.
  • Developed managerial absence questionnaire focusing on informal control strategies and aspects of the interpersonal context. Provided feedback of findings to management detailing implications for implementation of new absence policy.
  • Developed assessment centers (including group exercises, role-plays, structured interviews, case exercises, writing exercises, and in-baskets).
  • Developed career development and job rotation program and hiring and promotion system (including 360-feedback system, structured interviews, accomplishment record, performance appraisal).
  • Analyzed skill, knowledge, and task requirements for domestic and international leadership roles. Interpreted results and provided feedback highlighting key differences across hierarchical levels for leadership development and education.
  • Developed and revised assessment center exercises (including case management exercise, leaderless group discussion).
  • Conducted leadership assessment focusing on how leaders anticipate and react to key events. Conducted semi-structured interviews with team leaders, developed leadership and team surveys, analyzed and interpreted results, and provided individual developmental feedback to leaders.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive selection system for all production and maintenance positions at start-up steel finishing plant.
  • Developed and implemented a promotion system for production employees. Conceptualized and developed a “performance interview” assessment which is used to determine promotions across major job levels.
  • Developed and implemented a promotion system for maintenance mechanics. Developed a “walk-through” maintenance proficiency assessment for all maintenance mechanic positions and a promotion test for die coating job.
  • Developed and analyzed job analysis surveys for use in redesigning light industrial worker selection process. Provided recommendations for revised selection tools.
  • Developed selection system for entry-level hiring (included custom job knowledge test and multiple work samples).
  • Provided litigation support for employment discrimination cases by conducting literature reviews on various topics and writing reports.
  • Served as expert rater in manufacturing skills standards “leveling” process. Conducted data analyses.
  • Administered surveys focusing on leadership, job characteristics, work-climate, and job satisfaction of managers and subordinates at a health care organization. Provided feedback of findings to V. P. of Human Resources detailing implications for leadership training.
  • Served as expert rater in skill “leveling” process for National Skills Standards Board. Conducted data analyses.
  • Conducted literature review; developed and analyzed organizational survey data.
  • Developed and validated an entry-level selection system for steel minimill. Also provided individual assessments of job candidates based on biographical information and personality and team-work test scores.
  • Developed customer profile and customer service agent script for use in a new computer-based customer service agent information system at Ocwen, a financial services company with over $3.6 billion in assets.
  • Provided organizational survey data analysis and outlined implications for future training needs to Vice President and project staff in division of large University.
  • Expert reviewer of project assessing feasibility of transitioning from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) in the disability determination process used by the Social Security Administration.
  • Researched and developed a “career coaching” module for a web-based career development and training program to be implemented across a variety of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Assessed safety climate and leadership in Army Transportation Unit and identified conditions under which soldiers considered safety activities as falling within their formal job responsibilities.
  • Conducted job analysis, test validation analyses, and generated validation report in accordance with Uniform Guidelines for major U.S. agency.
  • Integrated existing safety and quality reporting systems and linked them to survey responses of two different management levels at large manufacturing facility. Developed supervisory and group leader questionnaires and provided interpretative feedback to plant management.
  • Implemented new compensation system for exempt staff at largest tractor-trailer manufacturer in the United States.